Our customers and partners are a very important and vital part of our business. But we don’t only build for them. We build for our families, our community, and each other because without them we wouldn’t be the company we are today. Our success is driven based on the idea “We Build For Everyone”. We strive hard to do the best we can day in and day out to give our customers the best quality products they deserve. We are CAM Superline®. We build for you.


CAM Superline® Trailers

CAM Superline® takes pride in consistent quality and long lasting performance. Check out this video to take a glimpse at our facility and the people who make it possible.


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Novae LLC

Novae® LLC started making trailers in January 2001 with the idea to offer quality products with great service, deal fairly with people, and recognize that suppliers, employees, community and customers are all important to success. Our purpose is to create opportunities for people to make their lives better and to leave a legacy of positive impact.